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Charging Systems

Charging Systems


If your battery dies and you can’t start your car in the morning, it is a sign of either an old defective battery or that your charging system, which charges the battery while you are driving, is malfunctioning.

OUr regularly checking  your battery and tell you in advance if your battery needs replacing.

Battery checks are part of our all points safety checks.

We sell most of the standard bracks of batteries.

Batteries & Electrical

Batteries, alternators and electrical components are part of your vehicles charging system.


The alternator is the device that converts energy from the fan belt into electricity. If your battery keeps dieing even though it checks out OK, it is probably because your alternator is malfunctioning. That can happen from either the device is broken or the fan belt that turns the alternator innards is too loose to do its job.


The starter is a powerful electric motor that gets the engine going until it can function under its own power. jYou engage the starter when your turn the key in your ignition. Starters can fail as a result of electrical or mechanical problems.