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Periodic Checkups and Maintenance

Periodic Checkups and Maintenance

Although your vehicles computers do a really good job of keeping your engine running smoothly, most of the time. They can’t do anything about all the systems in your vehicle that need to be periodically looked at to see if they are dirty, worn out, or need changing. That is why smart vehicle owners regularly let us do our all points check up so that we can keep you car well maintained so it will last longer and be way more comfortable and safe for you. Some of the systems and parts that need to be regularly checked and maintained include:


You have us clean and/or change your filters will more than anything else contribute to your vehicle lasting longer and running better.

Air Filter

The job of the air filter is to make sure that the air that gets mixed with the fuel and injected into the cylinders to be burned is real clean. If the air full of dirt particles they will get into the different parts of the air/fuel mixing system and start to clog up the system. Also when the air filter, having done its job for a long time, starts to get all clogged up, not enough air flows into the system causing problems in the combustion chambers. A quick check by us will reveal the filters condition.

 Filter & Oil Change

The oil filter’s job is to keep the oil clean. It can only work for so long before it is so full of dirt that it can’t effectively clean the oil. When that happens the dirt and grime in the oil works like sand paper to wear down the parts the oil was supposed to be lubricating. Engine wear = less life for your engine.  Literally, an ounces of prevention, by regularly changing your oil filter when you change your oil will equal many pounds (dollars) of cure!

PCV Breather Filter

The PCV Breather Filter is an important part of the system that keeps your engine cleaner. They need to be replaced according to your manufacturers recommendation for you vehicle. Can’t find your owners manual? No problem. We have all that info on our computer.

Cabin Air Filter

Did you know that your vehicle has a filter that cleans the outside air brought in by your air conditioning and heater systems? It does! This is why it is actually healthier when driving in the city to keep the windows up and the AC on. Like all filters, eventually they get very dirty and can’t do their job. Let us assist you to breath healthier by regularly checking the cabin air filter.

Automatic Transmission Filter

Same story as the oil filter only even more critical that it stays clean. Sludge, bits of dirt and particles in the transmission fluid will wear on all the little parts in the transmission. Replacing or reconditioning transmissions cost lots of money, so let us change the filter as recommended by your owners manual.

Hoses & Sensors

As part of our total safety check up we look for warn water, vacuum, and hydraulic hoses that, if they burst while you are driving, are guaranteed to spoil the rest of your driving day. We will make sure that never happens to your car, if you will let us inspect them regularly.