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Smog Check – Gold Shield Program

Smog Check – Gold Shield Program

Atlantic Tire & Service is an official California Testing Station.

We provide inspection and repair services to help you pass the smog check requirement.

Gold Shield Program

The Gold Shield Program is designed to make the Smog Check Program more convenient for consumers. It allows a licensed Smog Check station, that meets higher performance standards to provide a variety of inspection and repair services to California consumers. In addition to the regular Smog Check inspection and repair services, Gold Shield stations can inspect and certify “Directed Vehicles,” issue certificates to “Gross Polluters,” and perform state subsidized repairs through the Consumer Assistance Program.

Clean Air Benefits
Under the Gold Shield Program, more effective testing and repairs will not only save consumers time and money but will also produce cleaner, better running vehicles. This helps California in its clean air mission to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Inadequate Repairs Cost Consumers Time and Money
Some vehicles that fail their Smog Check at Gross Polluter levels are not always adequately repaired and require further repairs. These “Gross Polluters” are the worst polluting vehicles on the road. These vehicles often have a high level of deterioration, major system defect, or a tampered emission control system that needs repair. A Gross Polluter previously required an “after repair” retest at a separate Test-Only station. Inadequate repairs in some instances could cause these vehicles to go back and forth, or “ping-pong,” between these different facilities, costing consumers time and money. The Gold Shield Program addresses that.

One-Stop Shopping” for Consumers
The Gold Shield Program helps consumers locate higher performing Smog Check stations that can repair, retest, and certify Gross Polluters. Having a Gold Shield station repair and certify a vehicle means that the owner does not have to return to a Test-Only station for certification after it has been repaired. In addition to certifying Gross Polluters, Gold Shield stations can perfom the initial testing and certification of Directed Vehicles as indicated on the DMV renewal notice.

Gold Shield Eligibility Criteria

A Gold Shield station must:

  • Have no disciplinary actions against its Automotive Repair Dealer Registration (ARD), Smog Check station license or the licenses of its technicians or managers.
  • Meet strict testing and repair performance standards each calendar quarter.
  • Submit to periodic performance inspections and monitoring.

Smog Check Consumer Assistance Program
Through the Consumer Assistance Program, consumers who own a vericle that fails its biennial(every other year) Smog Check inspection be leigible to receive up to $500 in smog related repairs. Only Gold Shield stations under contract with BAR can perform these repairs also provide assistance (up to $500) with repairs on vehicles that fail their biennial (every other year) Smog Check. Click here to learn more about the Consumer Assistance Program and to obtain an application.